Baoto Festival

Baoto Festival is held in Jabonga every 3rd week of September. It starts on a Friday and culminates on the following Sunday. The festival pays tribute to the “baoto” or native dug-out canoe. It features, among others, free adventure skills training such as paddling, mountaineering, trekking, caving, and single rope technique.

Baoto races/contests include the following: 150 m. double slalom – men/women, boys/girls; 75 m. single sprint – men/women, boys/girls, triathlon and regatta (most beautiful boat). The finale event is the 30k paddling marathon from Jabonga to Tubay, which is the longest paddling race in the Philippines. This is participated in by the different municipalities in Agusan del Norte and other provinces. You can only witness such event in Jabonga.

What is “Baoto”? As the most proficient means of transport in a land of water, the native dugout canoe or “baoto” became synonymous to Agusan for the last 1,000 years. Today, canoeing has grown into an adventure and competition sport.