Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool

The one and only in the country where you can swim to a pool of pure soda water! Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool is the only soda water pool in the country which is filled with soda water. The volcanic springs of Bura fill two pools with fresh, clear soda water.

Located in Bura, Catarman in the beautiful tourism island of Camiguin, the pool boasts a scenic beauty of fields and green rolling hills. Two large pools are available for both adults and kids. The water in the pool is cold, clear and clean and is maintained on regular basis.

The soda water swimming pool is very inviting, refreshing and good for swimming. Picnic area is available for rent in a very cheap rate and barbecue grilling is permitted. It has great scenery over the fields and the seas as its cold water provides a refreshing splash to bathers and picnickers.

According to the locals, the water used to “taste like” pure soda water. Soda Spring Swimming Pool provides a good place for swimming and you’re NOT supposed to drink the water. Bubbles making their way up from the bottom of the pool are still very visible.

From Mambajao it is 23 kilometers to the Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool. The first 20 kilometers are on the national highway (counter clockwise) and then the road climbs 3 kilometers up in the foothills of Mount Hibok-Hibok. The road is mostly concrete with a few short stretches of dirt/gravel road. This trip can be combined either by a visit of the Old Volcano and the Sunken Cemetery.