Burias Shoal

Most of the dive spots around Camiguin Island are also great Snorkel sites. Colorful coral-reefs in the shallow waters turning into walls with a lot of cracks, overhangs and small caves. It is a paradise for underwater photographers, as they have to decide to go for macro or wide-angle. Be aware of the occasionally ripping currents.

The Burias Shoal of Camiguin is pretty exciting, however the stiff current is good only for advanced divers. Burias Shoal is a series of slopes and small walls. There are huge brain corals around. Plenty of black corals are hiding points for snappers and long nose emperors. There are also resident schools of Jacks, Midnight Snappers Long Nose Emperors and Bonitos around the Burias Shoal of Camiguin Island.

It is among the favorite spots for high-adventure seeking divers. Although it is slightly smaller than Jigdup Shoal, another great diving spot in Camiguin, many fishes flock this area. Schools of jacks, tuna, surgeons, mackerel and barracudas can be seen here.

Burias Shoal is approximately a kilometer away from Mantigue Island and can be reached after breezy thirty-minute speedboat ride from the town of Mahinog, Camiguin Island.