Sanghan Outback Trail Riding

Nature and Horses, what could be more perfect than that!

Calo Horse Farm offers english ride training for those who are interested in how to properly mount a horse.

Experience Sanghan Outback Trail Riding!

If you love wandering around, nature sight-seeing while riding on a horse, a visit to Calo Horse Farm is just about perfect. Calo Horse Farm offers trail riding to horsemen-tourists in the great Sanghan outback.

Calo Horse Farm is also open to educational tours that are interested in trees, wild birds, candles & horses. Calo Horse Farm also caters to big group camping up to 1,300 pax.

Sanghan is in between the town of Remedios T. Romualdez (R.T.R.) and the City of Cabadbaran which it is part of. Sanghan is just a few minutes away from Butuan City.

Dagkot Festival

The Dagkot Festival is a religious festival in honor of Nuestra Señora Candelaria (Patron of Cabadbaran). The festival is held in Cabadbaran City every 2nd of February. Dagkot is derived from the local word that means “lighting a candle”.

This is a street dance competition visited by people from different parts of the region. The Dagkot Festival serves as an opening curtain to various events in celebration of the feast of the town.

The Loreta Resort

The Loreta Resort is located in a paradisiacal haven, surrounded by lush, tropical, vegetation in Hinagdanan, Cabadbaran. Thanks to this privileged location and the great variety of services offered, this resort is ideal for getting away from all worries and relaxing after spending your day with us. The facilities and services you’ll find at The Loreta Resort will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your stay in our Guest Rooms. We offer affordable guest rooms whether you are travelling alone, in pairs or with your family. Experience the pristine air-conditioned rooms with plush furniture designed to give you a memorable stay that will make you feel right at home.

Take a dip and relax at The Pool. Amidst the lush green coconut trees of Hinagdanan in Cabadbaran you’ll find a serene and peaceful swimming pool in the tranquil environment of The Loreta Resort. Gaze at relaxing blue hues of the fresh water that’s kept clean under stringent quality control using only the best materials. Bring your family and friends and be enchanted by its invigorating charm.

Address: Hinagdanan, Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte
Phone: +63 85 343 1490