Bitaog Centennial Tree

The Bitaog Centennial Tree located in the coastal community of Caloc-an, Magallanes, Agusan del Norte is believed to be standing for more than 500 years, long before the Spaniards discovered the Philippines.

The Bitaog Centennial Tree existed approximately before the year 1523 based on existing set of maps which shows the island of Mindanao with its Northeastern side named “Bitau” and “Batauo”, undoubtly referring to the Bitaog tree, as it was then the custom of Filipinos to name places after the trees, rocks, mountains and sometimes animals.

Local historian Florante More, who nominated the Bitaog tree (Calophyllum inophyllum) as the oldest tree in 1998, said the trunk of the tree measures 290 centimeters in diameter.

Getting there is easy, you can take a pump boat from Butuan City crossing Agusan River or public transport via Cabadbaran City.