Naliyagan Festival

Naliyagan Festival which is celebrated every June 12 to 17 in Prosperidad, this festival depicts Agusanon culture and heritage with natives showing off their tribal dances and rituals.

A trade fair also takes place during the festival. During the week of Naliyagan celebration there are motocross racing show, banca race, rock band competition, fireworks during the night and beauty contest for the year’s search for Miss Maliyagan beauty contest. These are all held at the Government Center of Patin-ay, Prosperidad

Angot Festival

Angot Festival is annually performed on 28th day of September during the town Fiesta in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the Patron Saint of Prosperidad.

Angot Festival is characterized by a ritual called “Bat-ad”. The ritual is usually performed by a Babaylan, a well-respected faith-healing old man in the village. Bat-ad is an offering of food to Angot or Ompo, the god of abundant harvest, which includes a plate of rice, a boiled egg, broiled mudfish, a white wine and a mama. After the ritual, all villagers join together for a merry-making. Angot means “a thanksgiving ritual for the abundant harvest”.