Kahimunan Festival

During the first Sunday of January in Bayugan municipality Kahimunan Festival begins and this is like a version of Sinulog in Cebu.

The festival highlights street dancing portraying tribal life in Agusan Del Sur.

As the event is on a Sunday, the festivity starts with a mass at the Sto. Nino Shrine Church where people give thanks for blessing received through the years. Prayers are also said for a bountiful harvest in the year.

A street dancing parade competition highlights the day participated by religious groups and organizations, social and civic groups, school, business establishments and fraternities.

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Angot Festival

Angot Festival is annually performed on 28th day of September during the town Fiesta in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the Patron Saint of Prosperidad.

Angot Festival is characterized by a ritual called “Bat-ad”. The ritual is usually performed by a Babaylan, a well-respected faith-healing old man in the village. Bat-ad is an offering of food to Angot or Ompo, the god of abundant harvest, which includes a plate of rice, a boiled egg, broiled mudfish, a white wine and a mama. After the ritual, all villagers join together for a merry-making. Angot means “a thanksgiving ritual for the abundant harvest”.

Sumayajaw Festival

Jabonganons living in other places will really come home to Jabonga to witness the Sumayajaw Festival. It is a festival celebrated annually in Jabonga every 15th of August, the fall of the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption. This is a thanksgiving offering through songs, dances and “Luwa” (lyrical poem) for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of Our Lady of Assumption – the Patroness of Jabonga.

Sumayajaw dates back as far as one can remember. But the staging of Sumayajaw as a festival began in 2002 with Rev. Fr. Almado C. Ecarma, the Parish Priest, at the helm believing that Sumayajaw would not only unite the Jabonganons but would also bond with the visitors as they gather at the Town Square.

Sumayajaw Festival was purely a thanksgiving celebration for the bounties received and forthcoming. The following year, 2003 categories were created. Category A is a group dance competition. Contestants from the neighboring municipalities come to join. Big amount of cash prizes await the winners. Category B is a non-contest. It is merely a participation to retain the essence of Sumayajaw.

Sumayajaw showcases the ethnic attire and colorful props. It shows to the world the creativity of the people in showing gratitude to the Almighty for the blessings received. Sumayajaw is a great attraction to the townsfolk and tourists as well.