Surigao City Tourist Destinations

Surigao City serves as a jump off point to visitors of nearby Siargao, Dinagat and Bucas Grande islands. It is Mindanao’s closest landmass to the Visayas region. Eleven nautical miles across Surigao Strait separates the city from Panaon Island in the Visayas. Surigao is the center of politics, commerce, banking, industry and education of Surigao del Norte and Dinagat Islands as well as parts of neighboring provinces of Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte and Southern Leyte.

Points of interest:
Surigaonon Heritage Center/ Rock and Mineral Museum. A small collection of ancient burial coffin jars and antique Chinese kitchenwares are showcased in this museum. Some of the artifacts were unearthed at an archeological dig in Panhatungan, Placer. It also contains a significant collection of various rocks and minerals found in the province.

Luneta Park. Host to annual events, gatherings, and concerts for over a hundred years, it is a Spanish- style park with few acacia trees fronting the Surigao Cathedral

Surigao Strait. Site of the famous naval Battle of Surigao Strait which took place on October 24, 1944, between the fleet of Admiral Oldendorf of the US Seventh Fleet and that of Admiral Nishimura of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

Buenavista Cave. A three kilometer cave with three entrances located in Hikdop Island. From the main entrance in Pagkawasan, Buenavista, visitors wiggle through a collapsed boulder into a grand chamber complete with what locals call the Kings Throne. A knee- deep pool culminates the subterranean trek approximately 100 meters from the main entrance. It has an array of impressive stalactites and stalagmites and is home to some unique species of cave bats and snakes.

Zaragoza Rock Formations. Unique rock formations approximately 20 feet high stands out against a backdrop of dense coconut trees and nipa palms (Nypa fruticans) and covers an area of one hectare. Also a known burial ground. Not too distant is another rock formation called Tamulayag that resembles a giant vase with trees perched on top.

Raza Island. The island has among the world’s rarest phenomenon- a simultaneous interplay of high and low tides. The alternating tides occur roughly every six hours. Locals take advantage of this occurrence by picking sea shells on one side of the island during low tide and continue doing so on the other as the tide reverses.

Bitaugan Whirlpools. These maelstroms of various dimensions are almost all occurring during ebbtide. They have a characteristic behavior to pull, twirl, and suck into their vortices anything that comes near them. They are called magic whirlpools due to their peculiar behavior to appear and disappear at certain nature-designated time intervals. The appearance of Pahibongan, as they are called locally, are usually followed by almost inaudible explosions and just as quickly vanish after the explosions.

Day-asan Floating Villages. Dense forest of mangroves dominate a cluster of villages built along shallow water channels. Instead of tricycles, locals use wooden boats as their prime mode of transport. Two foot bridges traverse across swift moving channels.

Mapawa Cave. Accessible only by foot, approximately 30-minutes trek from Mapawa village. It is characterized by small entrances that lead to larger chambers.

Silop Cave. Stalagmites and stalactites dominate the chambers, accessible through its twelve entrances. It is approximately 7 kilometers from the city proper.

Manjagao Mangrove Forest. A vast mangrove forest around Manjagao Island is a sanctuary to various species of fish, marine life, birds and bats.
San Pedro Cantiasay Footbridge. This wooden footbridge is among the country’s longest at 391 meters, connecting Sibale and Nonoc Islands.

Sukailang Waterfalls. Cascades at 50 feet high near the village of Sukailang.

Beaches, lots of beaches. Surigao has notable beaches including Mabua and Ipil Pebble beaches– a contiguous layer gray of pebbles, Basul- a tiny island at the entrance of Hinituan Channel with fine white sand mixed with assorted shells rims, Berok- a small shell beach surrounded by vast mangroves and close to a reef, Panomboyon- a white sand beach at the southern tip of Hikdop Island, Danawan Island, Sumilom Island, Sibale Island- a mile-long strip of white sand beach 45 minutes ride by pumpboat from the city, and Sagisi Island Beach- 3- kilometer stretch of white sand beach with a fringing coral reef rich in marine life.

Cebgo and Airphil Express have regular scheduled flights from Surigao to Manila and Cebu. Or via Butuan Airport then hopping on a bus going to Surigao City.

Tarzan’s Resort

Paradise Found! Experience real island living at Tarzan’s Resort, a four hectare copra plantation with foot paths connecting to other villages.

Tarzan’s Resort is on East Bucas Grande Island, a short boat ride away south of the busy port town of Dapa.

Tarzan’s Resort offers adventures in paradise, surfboards and snorkeling equipment included.

All day trip to the Sohoton Lagoons and Caves. Explore the caves, snorkel in the clear blue water and visit jelly fish lagoon and snorkel among hundreds of stingless jelly fish.

Picnic, snorkel and swim off Naked Island the little uninhabited gem in the sea. Try surfing at the nearby reefs.

Island hopping to your choice of islands/islets in the area.

Surf Trips. Usually last 2 to 4 hours depending on where we surf and the tides.

Other activities at the resort swim off the beach, bicycle down the footpaths to the next village, play golf, play volleyball or one of our favorites – just chill.

Tarzan’s kitchen offers a wide variety of local and imported foods.

Our seafood is fresh from the local market or caught in our own nets. Here is some of what’s available:

Squid, Crabs, Lobster, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Tilapia, Milk Fish. These can be done on the grill or baked, broiled, sautéed, fried local style, or in a sweet and sour sauce. If you can think of anything that can be done with it, we can cook it.

Our pork is from our own raised pigs or the local market. Ribs, chops, pork belly or tenderloin done any way you want.

Chicken is also raised by us or bought fresh from the local market.

Our local beef comes from Cagayan De Oro – hamburgers, sirloin, or London broil. USDA sirloin steaks are also available.

Our herbs and vegetables are grown in our own garden or bought fresh at the local market. We like to make your dining experience at Tarzan’s a personal one. If you have likes and dislikes let us know ahead of time so that we can tailor our menu to your own tastes.

Address: Brgy. Dagohoy (in East Bucas Grande Island), Dapa, Surigao del Norte
Phone: (Chas) +63 921 557 7541 or (Jen) +63 949 143 5452

Naked Island

Naked Island, literally nothing on it. One would ask “is this an island or a sandbar?”. It’s still beautiful. The water surrounding the island is clear and great for swimming. If you want to snorkel, there are some decent corals the tour guide can bring you to nearby.

You probably won’t spend too much time here – there is nothing here to shield you against the sun. Make sure to slather on the sun block and bring your own shelter.

The common island hopping package includes Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. You can make a pretty epic day out of it by including the long trip to Sohoton Cave as well. Arranging a tour is easy, because you will receive many offers as you walk around the main town of General Luna.