Guyam Island

Guyam Island is a short boat ride from General Luna. A beautiful virgin island, perfect for a relaxed day of sunbathing and snorkeling.

There are a lot of cheap island hopping tour operators in General Luna that will take to you to Dako, Naked and Guyam Islands. No need to book online, haggle away.

Guyam Island is tear-drop shaped, white sand beach, have coconut trees, clear water – simply put a paradise. Approximately 1.07991 Nautical Miles (that’s about 2 Kilometres for you landlubbers) south-southeast of General Luna municipality.

(c)Photo: Tiger670 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Dako Island

One of the finest best beaches in the Philippines is found in Dako Island, Siargao Island. The biggest among the three popular island destinations (the other two being Naked and Guyam Islands) in Gen. Luna, Siargao, “Dako” is derived from the Visayan word for “Big”.

Inhabited by only a number of families, Dako Island is so amazing with long powdery white sand and clean and cool blue waters. No wonder visitors are enticed to swim in such resort with very clean surroundings. The cool winds can induce you to sleep on the fine sand as there are only a few guests around who just happen to be island hopping. The winds in the island are pretty cool since they are those that come from the Pacific Ocean, so you expect that to be quite strong and gentle. Overnight stay in simple native huts is enjoyable and security is guaranteed. With just the moon as your source of light, spending the night on the beach with your loved one could be as romantic. Visitors are truly impressed of the beauty and serenity of the place.

Without a doubt, Dako Island is truly spectacular that you can even see your own reflection through the crystal clear water! You can have fantastic snorkeling near the surf spot and around the southern tip of the island. Surfers racing the waves are such a sight to behold. Double kayak can be rented in Siargao at an affordable price and you can kayak as long as you wish.

Guests experience cool vibe and island culture. As you walk through the village, there’s a wondrous friendly feel that you’re like stepping back in time. The place is bereft of electricity and the hustle and bustle of city life. No commercial establishments, just full of tranquility and picturesque scenery. Seaweeds are non-existent either. And the best sweet-tasting fresh coconuts are a-plenty.

Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande Island, a must-see place for those seeking for perfect island getaway, white-sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and is the home of Sohoton Cove and dubbed as best island destination in the Philippines.

Off the northeastern coast of Surigao del Norte, a two-hour boat ride south of Siargao, lies Bucas Grande Island, officially under Siargao’s aegis but often overshadowed in the latter’s favor. Its main town of Socorro is home to a population of 21,000 farmers and fisherfolk. All around are clusters of isles and islets beckoning with lovely beach strips, lustrous coves and hidden lagoons.

You can get to Bucas Grande via Brgy. Hayanggabon, Claver from where the pump boat ride to Bucas Grande takes only half an hour. Another location that offers a proximate takeoff point for the island is via Brgy. Bad-as, Placer which takes 90-minute motor boat ride.

Sohoton Cove is the island’s major attraction. An idyllic habitat with forested limestone mounds rising on all sides in a welcome embrace. Dominating the lush greenery were stands of a Mindanao variety of agoho or casuarina with curling leaf clusters that differentiate it from Luzon’s agoho or the Benguet pine. Plentiful, too, was the Philippine ironwood, locally called magkuno, which is known to defy ordinary saws. When successfully cut, it makes good, hardy furniture.

Sohoton Cove has 13 inland lakes, with three of these considered accessible. They’re all part of the Sohoton Ecotourism Park splendiferous flora meet their match in the endemic exotic fauna, which include tarsiers, two kinds of hornbills or kalaw, the serpent eagle and white-breasted eagle, green sea turtles, and 19 kinds of fruit bats!