Mt. Bagarabon Beach Hotel and Mountain Resort

Mount Bagarabon is a byword simply because of our friendly service and delectable food. Since 2004, we have transformed this once idle land into a unique resort, nestled between the verdant tropical forest and the crystalline sea. Uniquely, the bottom of the sea nearby and the whole shoreline are embedded with soothing natural pebbles, massaging the weary feet of the bathers and beach goers alike.

Daplin sa Baybayon Hall and Cabañas for rent made of native materials. Natural cool sea breeze ventilation.

Spacious & secure parking areas. Free airport pick up on an air-conditioned shuttle service. Available airport transfers on an air-conditioned shuttle service.

Address: Mabua, Surigao City
Phone: +639178510978 +639189436074 +639178830978 +639154057784