San Juan sa Hibok-Hibok Festival

The island-province of Camiguin celebrates one of the biggest and oldest tradition where people gather for picnic and games at the beach in honor to the feast of St. John the Baptist held every 24th of June which usually takes place in Lagundi Beach in Mambajao town.


A fluvial procession highlighted the festivity—locals splashed colorful decorations on their pump boats as they go around the coast for the religious ritual.

It’s the only feast in the province that everybody partakes, locals await for this year after year, leaving almost every shore occupied with families enjoying the water and food they bring along to partake with family and friends.

One of the biggest crowd is in Mambajao as the local government units and national line agencies pool together in one area to witness the games, water sports competition, search for Mr. & Ms Hibok-hibokan, later capped with a shower party.