Sanghan Outback Trail Riding

Nature and Horses, what could be more perfect than that!

Calo Horse Farm offers english ride training for those who are interested in how to properly mount a horse.

Experience Sanghan Outback Trail Riding!

If you love wandering around, nature sight-seeing while riding on a horse, a visit to Calo Horse Farm is just about perfect. Calo Horse Farm offers trail riding to horsemen-tourists in the great Sanghan outback.

Calo Horse Farm is also open to educational tours that are interested in trees, wild birds, candles & horses. Calo Horse Farm also caters to big group camping up to 1,300 pax.

Sanghan is in between the town of Remedios T. Romualdez (R.T.R.) and the City of Cabadbaran which it is part of. Sanghan is just a few minutes away from Butuan City.