Santo Niño Cold Spring

Natural springs in Camiguin is a result of pressure from an underground source in the earth, in the form of volcanic activity. The result can be either cold water coming from underground or flowing water at elevated temperature such as a hot spring.

Since Camiguin is a volcanic island with four stratovolcanoes within the island, one would expect that there will always be hot springs all over the island. Actually the hot springs are concentrated at the east side of Camiguin and the west side is filled with cold springs. A luke warm spring which combines both spring sources is yet to be discovered – which would be great specially for aging folks.

One of them is Santo Niño Cold Spring located in Sagay Town and is approximately 2.4 km off the national highway in Catarman, Camiguin island

Santo Niño Cold Spring is a natural cold spring that flows down from Mt. Mambajao and is filtered by layers of minerals from the mountain, therefore it is naturally clean.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring main pool measured at 25 meters by 40 meters and a dip of 4 ft to 8 ft. The water then flows into a smaller pool built for children. The crystal clear water is about 20°C which is sprouting from the sandy bottom.

Locals believe that bathing in Santo Niño Cold Spring for an hour or more in the refreshing waters of the pools would make your skin feel smoother and look younger.