Surf Lanuza

Lanuza in Surigao del Sur is noted as a surfing destination in addition to the already famous Siargao with its various surfing areas from Reef Breaks to Beach Breaks. A perfect location for a laid back surf trip and is an awesome place to relax and experience serenity by watching or listening to the sounds of its rolling waves and clashing pebbles.

There are excellent breaks surrounding Lanuza with the combination of the area’s remoteness that is definitely an adventure for surfers without the crowd. Go surfing within the town proper located at Doot Poktoy and also in Punta and Sitio Badiang, Lanuza surfing grounds definitely possess world class waves comparable to that of Cloud 9 in Siargao. These reef breaks become famous because of its eye catching and roaring waves, this is a must see spot for all surfers.

Lanuza’s climate is characterized by rainfall that is distributed throughout the year. The period from April to August has the lowest level of rainfall while heavier rains occur from November to February and has 7% exposure to tropical cyclone. Lanuza Surfing season is between the months of November to March where big waves are in constant motion.

(c)Photo: Philippine Surfing Federation

Lanuza Surfing Festival is held annually. Lanuza’s perfect long right hander that rolls along the sandy bottom of the river mouth is best for classic longboard surfers but also excellent for short boards too. Minutes away are a series of barreling reef breaks. The waves of Lanuza Bay offer something for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

For those wanting to stay in Lanuza, you would be glad to know that it belongs to the economic zone of Cantilan, one of the major economic zones of Surigao del Sur. For telecommunication there are six cell sites operated by Smart Communications and Globe Telecom that cover the whole area of CarCanMadCarLan (Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen and Lanuza). Two cable TV providers operate in Cantilan, Carrascal and Madrid, Cantilan has broadband internet with a number of internet cafes. The municipal building in Lanuza has a satellite connection, soon this will be extended to the school and may be offered as an internet cafe in the evenings.

Aside from surfing, Lanuza is also popular for its “agsam” accessories, bags and home curtains. It also offers beautiful beaches, caves waterfalls and cool springs and meet people of Lanuza who are so warm and hospitable.

From Tandag – at the Balilahan Terminal in Tandag, board any jeep or bus bound for Surigao or Cantilan. Get off at Lanuza (market)

From Surigao City – take any Bachelor Bus going to Tandag, vans can go straight to Lanuza

From Butuan City – go to the bus terminal and board any bus bound for Tandag. From Butuan airport, there is a van going straight to Lanuza

From Davao City – take a bus going to Tandag and from Tandag, take bus or jeep going to Cantilan (or Surigao) but get off at Lanuza